Yin Immersion - Fall into your Soul

Do you love yoga and want to get familiar one of the yoga world's most popular styles? Have you done a teacher training already and want to add Yin?  Do you want to just do more Yin? This long weekend immersion will bring you in.


Yin Yoga applies long-held non-muscular stress to our bodies in long held poses which open our bodies while providing a mental space to slow down and reflect. Grounded in the  ancient Taoist view of body and mind, Yin mobilizes our joints, stimulates deeper tissues and soothes our nervous system. Yin is a wonderful entry to meditation or simply a calmer you. It is famously a great way to improve joint range of motion for better health or whatever sport discipline you practice.


In this 30hr intensive, learn the philosophy and logic behind  how Yin Yoga is originally intended to be practiced. Begin to understand why Yin Yoga requires of its teachers a strong understanding of both anatomical variation and the Taoist ideas of what is optimal or natural (自然) for our bodies and the "not forcing principle" of WuWei (无为).  Yin Yoga is ultimately not just a practice, but a way of living.


Dhugal has spent 20 years in Hong Kong studying Chinese philosophy, language Tai Chi and yoga. He continues to study with the founders of modern Yin Yoga, Paul & Suzee Grilley.

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Lecture: Principles of Yin Yoga. The Yin and the Yang of it.

Followed by:

2hr Practice - A Yin Flow for the Spine - Move the spine through its 180º of freedom as we breathe, rest and infuse our body and mind with our own latent energy. Come away having opened and stimulated your back into better health.



Workshop: Variable Anatomy: Your Bones, Your Yoga 1. Our bones are all different. And in a practice which focuses on our joints, understanding this is critical to be able to teach Yin properly. 

Followed by:

2hr Practice - A Yin Flow for the Hips - Move your hips through its 180º of freedom.  Release the lower back and bring more blood flow to your lower organs.



Lecture: The Culture and History of Yin Yoga

Followed by:

2hr Practice -  A Yin Flow for the Legs - Our legs ground, support and move us. In this Yin flow, we will open the groins, quads ad hip flexors and release our hamstrings as we get deeper into the joints and fascia of our limbs.



Lecture: The Culture and History of Yin Yoga Part 2

Followed by:

2hr Practice -  A Yin Flow for the Shoulders, Arms and Wrists - Stress and serve your upper body tissues, our hearts and lungs and our minds.



Workshop: Variable Anatomy: Your Bones, Your Yoga Part 5

Followed by:

2hr Practice - Long Hold Yin: A deeper dive into yin practice, continuously in the flow with fewer rests to really get on your Yin side.


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