recast! watch your language! a yoga teacher's guide

Aug 11, 2022


consider these common yoga teacher terms:
"modification" - something one does if a student can't do the full pose
"variation" - a variation on the standard⁠ - normally for more advanced students.

this language is a problem. ⁠

because it makes it seem that there is a 'standard' pose we all should work to... and we could all get there if we work enough. those who can do the standard teach everyone else (cos they can) and invite those who can to push it even further with 'variations' (for advanced people). ⁠

this leaves the vast majority who cannot do the 'standard' and have to 'modify' (and get given all those cues to 'improve').⁠

and how does that feel? exactly.

i want to you to consider that dropping these words is not being politically correct, spiritually liberal or inclusive. this language is bad because it is bad anatomy... come join me :-D

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