How to Like Yin Yoga (When You Don't Really)

According to reliable sources, 5 out of 10 yoga teaching trainees in Thailand get regularly massaged during teacher training... some every day!

And that's in the Yin training.

I am a bit excitable about this year. The yoga school (BlackMat Yogi) is presently going through its 500hr certification paces, which means that the passionate queue of graduates waiting for their 500hr certificate over the last year are almost ready to receive that robust piece of cardboard that represents so much hard work, dedication and passion.

And I am going online! I have been investigating recently how to better keep our growing community in touch with each other. It's a challenge, when you are all over the place (Canberra and Kerala to Hong Kong, Milan to Calgary) and I have decided the ether is gonna work well.

These things are cool but new for me, and that's before I even begin my accounting. But what I always find fascinating is the people who are scared of Yin Yoga.... huh?

They don't say it like that, it's more like.... "Oh, it's boring", or, "You know, I am very fit person, Yin is not my thing," or "I am not into meditation." But when you really get into it with them, they are jittery, timid about sitting quiet, doing nothing... for an hour.

It's doubly fascinating as these non-Yinsters are big achievers; marathon runners, investment bankers, doctors, olympians and tree surgeons. But lying on the floor in a quad stretch for 5 minutes? Turns them into a Haribo bear.

I know, I’ve been there.

I remember those days.

I didn't like Yin at all....

What makes it worse is the smiling Yin Yoga teacher who radiates lotus flowers as he/she sits (in lotus pose) for an hour, while they torture you... How do they do that? Is it natural?.... I work on my yoga they think, how come I can't do that pose yet?

Well I'll let you into a little secret that changed my whole outlook on Yin...

Yin made the rest of my yoga (and my life) way better.

What I find fascinating (and I love) about most yogis is that we are willing to work sooooo hard for the big poses and spiritual opportunities we love; the amazing heart-opening backbends, the sweaty vinyasa flows and the full splits at sunrise on the banks of the Ganges...

We work big time, but often what we search for is (we tell ourselves, or are informed) always a few more strenuous workouts away (or more). And this is where Yin Yoga comes in...

Recently in our Yin trainings in Milan and Edinburgh, this has been personified in our students over and over again; they come up to me on the first or second day and say things like, "I don't really like Yin, but... I heard it might be good for me. I am a runner/skier/professional dancer/bungee jumper/general bad-ass and I have had sore knees for years. Let' see what happens, ok?" Then they skulk off to the back of the room and look bored. I turn back to my weird tea... and wait it out.

5 days later, they're back, this time with a shiny smily face. "Hey Dhugal, I still don't like Yin (lol), but you know what?! My knees are like a 16-year old again, look (they say, jumping into the air."

It happens every time!

From this day on, their attitude and experience of Yin often undergoes a complete revolution. Now they bring their big trumps in life; passion, fire and incredible willpower to this lying around on the floor doing nothing yoga business... and it transforms them.

It happens particularly with sporty people and go-getters. Then they become the biggest ambassadors for a style of yoga they wouldn't have dreamt they'd be interested in a year ago. They find renewed vigour for their badass pursuits, improve or even chase out old ills, recover faster from injury... and even start meditating.

So go on... the secret my yogi go getters, next time you are at your local yoga studio or thinking of doing something crazy, roll out your mat... and lie around for a while....You never know what might happen :-D

Love as always.


P.S. You may wanna know why Yin is sooo cool... Well it's a lot to do with fascia. Come learn about it some time.

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