recast! Benoy Mathew - Yoga Injuries: A Physio View

Jul 14, 2022

Benoy Matthew is a registered physiotherapist, currently working in London, United Kingdom. As a clinician since 1998, he treated injuries ranging from minor ankle sprains to complex multi-trauma sports injury, but now specialises in hip and groin injuries for serious sports men & women.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Benoy commented that many yoga teachers came to him with injuries which he felt could be avoided.

I am excited to welcome Benoy and explore how we can all be smarter, more compassionate with our bodies in our Yoga. We talk about Benoy's 3 pillars of a good physical workout - stretching, cardio, strength (and how we need to have them all), how we are all different and how to identify difference between muscular pain and joint pain.

Come join us.


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