qiology: theory & practice - part 1 (50hrs)

milan - 12-16 may 2022

(in english with italian translation)

a different way

throw yourself into the practice and theory of long-term health, of illness prevention, of chronic wellness (not of chronic sickness).

the chinese medicine yangsheng (yangsheng 養生) approach is old. we will understand through the lens of modern science whilst keeping our focus on what this approach. is all about - qi. 

learn what qi really is, how and where it flows in your own body and mind through applied yin, fascial release, guasha and acupressure, through diet and the science of moderation. 

learn it yourself. and learn to offer it to your students.

in our modern world, too often we look to drugs and surgery to fix our broken bodies. this course provides a different way. your body is, if you will work with it, intelligent so to optimize itself... you just have to let it heal...not get in its way.

qi: theory & practice - milan

the art of longevity (part 1)









program prerequisite


this program is not entry-level. it requires a fundamental understanding of yin yoga, channel concepts and the theory of exercise. these are all offered. in our 200hr yin yoga & variable anatomy program.


you must have completed our 200hr yin yoga & variable anatomy program (or similar to attend this course). if in doubt, please contact us.







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  • the full investment is £650 (standard price). payment is made in full. 

    • 50hrs of face-to-face lectures and guided practice training plus homework and assignments.
    • journal manual
    • all presentation slides.
    • course reading list
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- Receive a full 50hrs of YA Accreditation either as part of our 300hr program, or as a part of your continuing education credits.

Back Together!



Come learn the old fashioned way. With your fellow yoga nerds and yoga buddies.

Iterative Learning, New But Old



The practices we learn are a new take on time-old practices of fascial health, Qi flow & mental and emotional steadfastness.

location - inner revolution studio, milan


one of the most beautiful studios in a wonderful city. come look here: https://www.innerrevolutionstudio.it/


There is no better time to find health in our lives. The YangSheng approach to health is often dismissed or mystified...What we will learn here is a part of the 3-pillar approach to long-term health outlined in the classics of Chinese Medicine, overlooked by modern people:

 Jing (physical health),
 Qi (emotional, energetic health), &
 Shen (Psychological, spiritual health).

We cover Shen & Jing overwhelmingly in our 200hr and Meditate Modules. This program is all about Qi.

Qi theory proposes we can learn simple principles of prevention of pain and resolution of pain by ameliorating Qi flow. This means looking in detail at the physiology (structures of) and pathology (sickness) of the six layers of the body. This program is in no way is a rejection of allopathic, mainstream medicine which has a huge place in our lives. It is simply a reframing of its place in our lives. We will  consider the role of common easy fixes (like painkillers, which though they have their place are not long term fixes) and alternatives. This course offers life skills designed to give you physical healing and a slower, longer term view to wellness.

We practice two times a day. In. the mornings,  we will practice Myofascial (Trigger Point) Release combined with Yin poses. In the afternoons, we practice a simple, but effective QiGong sequence in depth.

Wondering exactly what is taught in our 5-day, 50hr program? Here's the curriculum*:
(this program will be completed in part 2.)

In Short:

  • Qi Theory

  • Jing Luo (Channel) Theory

  • Yin & Yang of Food, Diet & Fasting

  • Myofascial Release x Yin Yoga

  • Deep Qi Gong
  • Physiology and Pathology of the The Yang Meridians

  • Anatomy of the Hand - Bones & Muscles, Variation & Channel Landscape

  • Yang Channel Palpation

The Long Version:

Day 1:
PRACTICE: Principles of Acupressure 1
THEORY: Fascia & Fascia Release
PRACTICE: Deep Qi Gong
THEORY: Nutrition 101, Channels in Health

Day 2:
PRACTICE: MFR/Yin w. Acupressure 2
THEORY: The TaiYang Channel
PRACTICE: Deep Qi Gong

THEORY: Nutrition & Qi

Day 3:
PRACTICE: MFR/Yin w. Acupressure 3
THEORY: The ShaoYang
PRACTICE: Deep Qi Gong

Day 4:
PRACTICE: MFR/Yin w. Acupressure 4
THEORY: Fasting & Intro to 5E
PRACTICE: Deep Qi Gong

THEORY: The YangMing

Day 5:
PRACTICE: MFR/Yin w. Yin Acupressure 5
THEORY: The Hand, Bones, Muscles, Variation, Channels.
PRACTICE: Deep Qi Gong

THEORY:Yin & Yang of Nutrition, Understanding Your Constitution (5E) & Your Health.

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Repeat. Repeat. Repeat


Each session you attend grows your knowledge.

Our program is iterative and cumulative, slowly building knowledge and skill. At first, it will seem beyond strange, not fitting in our modern alopathic model of health, oddly foreign. But as time passes this will change as you begin to feel Qi in your body and experience how this affects the totality of you.

Learn the Modern Way

There are many ways of approaching this subject. They are all great. We will focus on the science of Chinese Medicine...this speaks to us modern people most. We have made much progress in the last 20 years in understanding why this approach to health works.

But modern science (fortunately or unfortunately) doesn't know it all. We must (fairly regularly) just abandon rationality to the pure poetry of this system. Life after all is not an Excel spreadsheet.

Go Deep. Not Broad.


Each practice will build on the experience of the last. What at first seems either impossible to understand will, as you ease into it, become familiar, even comfortable.

With deepening study, you will see that the secret to good health is surprisingly simple and elegant.

Course Reading & Journaling


Along with the lectures and practice, you will be assigned two books to read: One on the science of Chinese Medicine, and another on nutrition. Reading is there to enrich the context in which we study and enhance your awareness of topics and ideas we practice and learn about.


Lastly, you will be offered a journaling framework for the week in the course manual. Journaling provides an opportunity to see progress, change and objectivity in an often emotional landscape. It can be powerful and insightful.

The full cost of the program is £650 (standard price). Payment is made in full.


For this you receive

  • 50hrs of face-to-face lectures and guided practice training plus homework and assignments.
  • Year-long Access to all the recordings of the training
  • Journal Manual
  • All presentation slides.
  • Course Reading List









What Students Say

Bob - UK

"I do like your teaching style.  These are not just sweet words. You have a good combination of intensity in your delivery, interest in engaging all of your students... and a slightly self effacing humour."

Yves - Thailand


"I didn't think I would like online learning. But I have just finished our morning session and surprisingly I found out that I’ve missed some important points! So I am listening again...wonderful!"

Tessa - UK


" You make learning fun. You make it calm and collective. I never feel anxious or silly for asking questions and you invite a vulnerability to people that makes them more open to learning and seeing things from a different point of view by explaining them in ways we would understand."

Wendy - Australia

"What keeps me coming back is the quality of the class content. It is top quality and not airy fairy whimsical stuff."