Mission Statement

This advanced teacher training is designed to enhance your yoga teachers' practice, deepen their understanding of all things yoga, and refine their teaching skills so that they can be the next level… a teacher trainer.

This curriculum is designed around self-empowerment of teachers first… then others! We meet teachers where they are, no matter which tradition or discipline they teach in... and take them to the next level. 

Through the arc of this training we methodically teach and demonstrate how to incorporate new teaching methods and tools into teachers' preferred teaching culture. 

Students will learn new skills to bring to your training classroom.


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Who is this for?

  • You are a yoga studio with teachers who want to set up your own teacher training programs. Great, you are in the right place.

  • You are a yoga teacher who has loads of yoga teaching experience, but who has never run a training course. Good news, read on!

  • You want to run teacher trainings as soon as possible, you have customers waiting! Amazing, we’ll help you out.

This  course is open to all yoga teachers who have completed 500hrs of training or more.


What You'll Get


1. Over 550hrs of Shadow and Classroom Program Material. 

Students attend 500hrs of training program, exposing them to all the basic knowledge again. The foundation of good teacher training is first, good knowledge.

In addition, students will have access to discuss training dynamics as we go. Learn how & why the trainer does what they do.

  • All program attendees will attend 500hrs of sample Teacher Training programming, including:

  • 200hr “Foundation Program” at your chosen location.

    1. 200hr “Yin Yoga & Advanced Anatomy” Program at your chosen location.

    2. 50hr Art of Vinyasa Program (inquire for details)

    3. 50hr Pure Be Program (inquire for details)

  • 50hr “Train the Trainer” program tailored specifically to train teacher trainer

NOTE: The above trainings can be offered immediately at your studio!

2. The 50hr Train the Trainer Program includes:

This module is dedicated completely to the teacher training skill set. Learn how we learn, best ways to facilitate different learning modalities, how to teach those who want to teach and the art of group dynamics critical to a kick-ass program. Topics include:

  • TT Program Development

  • Educational theory: learning & teaching

  • Ethics of teaching revisited

  • Program culture

  • Hard & soft skills of teaching

  • Group dynamics and stages of group development

  • Group facilitation

  • Group feedback and assessment

  • Examination and analysis of student teaching

  • The art of presentation

  • Communication techniques

  • Conflict resolution

You’ll learn how to empower yourself... then empower Your students.

— Dhugal


Tuition includes all manuals & potential 500hr Yoga Alliance certificate.

Pricing depends on location, but starts from €8,000

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