Chinese Medicine - 100hrs - Samui

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Chinese Medicine - 100hrs - Samui

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Who is this for?

“For teachers & practitioners dedicated to long term
physical, emotional & spiritual health for themselves and their students.

  • You want to be past-basic equipped Yoga teacher: You have a physical practice, even meditate, but now you want to take this into your lifestyle and world view, even your teaching. Wonderful! The science and art of health is much more than yoga asana. Walk the walk, talk the talk... be on your path.

  • You just love yoga (yin or otherwise), you don't want to teach. You just want to go deeper into the Chinese model of health and meditation. Right On! With the combined lecture, meditation & Yin- Yang practices and resources available on this course, you'll be able to really move to live the Chinese health tradition.

  • You want to start (or continue) building toward your 300hr teaching certificate! Amazing, this is a 300hr module!


Dr. Aaron J. Bullington, ND, MSAOM

With over 17 years of experience in the healing arts, Dr. Aaron J. Bullington offers a unique approach to health and well-being. Licensed as a primary care physician in the United States, he holds degrees in both Western and Eastern Medicine. He specializes in holistic health, mind-body medicine, pain management, structural integration, detoxification, and chronic disease.


  • Chinese & modern models of constitution, diet & nutrition

    • Five Element Theory

      • What are the Five elements and why are they important?

      • How do the Five elements manifest in nature and the human body?

      • The constitutional factors and behavior of each element

      • Identifying your (and other's) constitution and how to stay in balance

    • Whole Foods Nutrition

      • "Nutrition 101" - What is nutrition, and why is it important

      • Using food as medicine

        • Discovering the healing properties of food (and fasting)

        • The tao of food--how to have vital Qi

        • The importance of organic...and when it's not

        • Eating for your constitution

  • Meditation

    • The Tao of Chakra Meditation

      • What are chakras?  How are they related to the body, to health and to spiritual practice?  This course addresses theses questions.

      • Theory of Meditation - as described in Zen/Taoist Yoga Sutras.

      • The science of Meditation - what modern research has to say about meditation.

      • Practice - 1hr+ daily. Moving our energy and awareness through chakras.  

  • Physical Yoga Practice - Each Day

    • Yin Practice

    • Hatha Yoga Practice


There will be:

  • Learning, laughter, some sweat, lots of quiet

There won't be:

  • An exam



  • Establish, then provide a beginning platform for long-term health habits & practices

  • Establish and provide a platform for development of Yang practices which nurture Jing - your physical, Qi - your emotional, and Shen - your spiritual life force.


  • This course is open to all. You simply need to be open minded and willing to learn.

  • The hours in this program may go toward a 200hr or 300hr program at our school. Please inquire for more details explaining your background.


7am - 9.30am Meditation & Yoga Practice

10.45 am - 1pm Theory & Philosophy

3.15pm - 6pm Meditation, Theory & Practicum

Weekends: Rest

NOTE: You should arrive on by the evening of Sunday 8 March and will schedule to leave on Saturday 21 March 2020. You can arrange to be picked up from the Koh Samui airport and dropped off back there on arrangement with us (not included, but not expensive). After booking, please provide your flight details to arrange this.

Pricing Includes

All Yoga
2 meals a day (Breakfast & Lunch)
Your Yoga training manual and certificate


You have the choice to choose your own accommodation on Samui…. OR (much more excitingly)!

We can book for you your own, fully private, fully air-conditioned room in the Dreamcatcher hotel right on the garden of the Yogarden. Your room has all modern amenities and WIFI.


DreamCatcher Rates

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