DATES 2018-19: SOLD OUT!

13-17 December, 2018: Yin Yoga 200hrs Module 1
14-18 February, 2019: Yin Yoga 200hrs Module 2
9-19 May, 2019: Yin Yoga 200hrs Modules 3&4


DATES 2019-20:

5-9 September, 2019: Yin Yoga 200hrs Module 1, part 1
5-9 December, 2019: Yin Yoga 200hrs Module 1, part 2
16-20 April, 2020: Yin Yoga 200hrs Module 2, part 1
28 May - 1 June, 2020: Yin Yoga 200hrs Module 2, part 2

NOTE: You may take all 200hrs (yes!), or the first 100hrs and complete the 200 at another time.


Why Train?

Yin is not just lying about on the floor. It requires a strong knowledge of the body (and later mind). You will become one of the most knowledgable teachers or practitioners in your community.
  • You really want to be a teacher: Great! In this training, you will learn everything you need to teach your first Yin class by the time you finish. 

  • You just love yoga and want to go deeper. Right On! You're covered here too. With the combined training, reading and discussion and interactive opportunities to learn, you'll be amazed at the depth of the yoga tradition.

  • You want to add teaching yoga to your personal training/fitness background. Fantastic! You already teach pilates or cross fit and you want to offer more to your clients. Good news, everything you learn in this course will add huge value to other modalities you already offer to enrich the suite of skills to boost your business and clientele.

This Yin Yoga course is open to all.



This 100hr Yin Yoga Training Foundation is specifically designed to:

  • Engage you on the compelling Yin Yoga style of yoga practice

  • Give you basic anatomical/theoretical knowledge you need to lead excellent Yin classes

  • Establishing Your Yin Teaching Voice

  • Educate and enchant you on why Yin Yoga is so good for the modern body and mind.



This training will give you the most essential skills necessary to step into a classroom upon graduation and confidently teach Yin Yoga. Applying long-held non-muscular torque on our bodies, Yin stimulates & strengthens our skeletal, connective, fascial and ligament tissues, mobilizes our joints and regulates and soothes our nervous system. 

Yin Theory & Practice

•Motivation for Practice: Yin and Yang Yoga Theory

•Teaching logic and style

•Props usage in Yin Yoga

•Safety & Being an effective teacher

•Sequencing in Yin Yoga

•History & Context of Yin Yoga from China to modern day

•Taoist Philosophy & World View (The Yi-Jing, Laozi's Dao De Jing)

yin yoga edinburgh



•Basic Knowledge: Tension and Compression 

•Basic Knowledge: Skeletal Variation & Proportion

•Functional Practice vs Aesthetic Practice

• Bones, Joints, Muscles, Water

•Variable Skeleton Movement Analysis

•4 myofascial compartments of the thigh

•6 myofascial compartments of the torso

•The Upper Body

•Theory of exercise & pain

Chinese Medicine

•Qi Theory

Fascia and its relevance to sport, Chinese Medicine, Movement

•The 12 Main Meridians, modern Chinese Medicine in Context

•The Organs

•Fascial Release

You’ll learn how to empower yourself... then empower Your students.

— Dhugal
yin yoga edinburgh




Our YTT takes at the Arthur Conan Doyle Center in beautiful Edinburgh, capital of Scotland. 

About Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the backdrop city to our YTT and is a city that begs to be explored. From the vaults and wynds (narrow lanes) that riddle the Old Town to the urban villages of Stockbridge and Cramond, it's filled with quirky, come-hither nooks that tempt you to walk just a little bit further.

And every corner turned reveals sudden views and unexpected vistas – green sunlit hills, a glimpse of rust-red crags, a blue flash of distant sea. So after all the down dogs and Sanskrit, get out and discover why Edinburgh is the world’s festival capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Tuition includes all manuals & Yoga Alliance certificate.

100hrs, £1,200

Full 200hr training Early Bird (before March 1, 2019), £1,800

Full 200hr training Early Bird (after March 1, 2019), £2,000


Go to Apply Now. After submitting your application form and payment, you're in! If you have any questions, please email us at

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