NOTE: Yin 1 & Yin 2 may be taken separately, or together. Yin 1 is taken before Yin 2.

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Why this Training?

You’ve done the anatomy study in module one. This training now provides you with the super popular fascial and meridian knowledge to live and breath this fasciantating (lol) science of the body and mind. You will be ready to guide more complex Yin Yoga practices for yourself or others.

  • This program is specifically designed to:

    • Take your Yin Yoga further. Now we dive into the upper body anatomy and fascia, Eastern models of the body, including meridians, dantians (chakras), and Taoist philosophy. It's not just about the physical body anymore.

    • Take your meditation and Yin practices and want to go deeper. Right on! Meditation or mindfulness is a gateway to a happier, more balanced you. Meditation techniques we practice and learn here are born from thousands of years of refinement, but we discuss modern science too.

    • Give you more than teachers who teach Yin but have never studied it. You can call them out! We believe that an experienced Yin Yoga teacher is a key component in our healthcare today. With our credentials, people will know you’re a teacher who is knowledgeable and proficient.

    This Yin Yoga course is for those who have already completed the first 100-hour program. 

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Yin 2:  Bones Anatomy (Upper Body) & Fascia & Taoist Philosophy

We complete our study of variable anatomy and turn to the study of fascia, body science's new frontier. We draw on the expertise of both Chinese medicine (which has become a leader in fascia) and modern science. The health of this tissue is the gateway to fine-tuning and mastering our physical, emotional, and logical health.

Throughout this module, we will investigate classical Taoist philosophy which, for thousands of years, gives ancient context to the practice of modern Yin. Having lived in Asia most of his life, Dhugal is uniquely equipped to guide study. Taoism's often humorous insights provide a zen-like backdrop to consider and reflect upon the pressures of life today.

We intentionally practice a variety of Yin yoga disciplines, as we believe there is no one right way to practice Yin. The aim in studying a wide variety of knowledge and application is to allow students to find styles and methodologies of teaching and practice to suit different students, their unique aims, and even times of year that are as distinct and special as each individual, leaving our teachers confident with such a broad education upon graduation.

Yin is not just lying about on the floor. It requires a strong knowledge of the body (and later mind). You will become one of the most knowledgable teachers or practitioners in your community.
— Dhugal


  • Upper Body

  • Arms

  • Shoulders and Neck

  • Back

 Yin Theory - The Fascial Meridians

  • Western and Chinese models of the meridians & DanTians

  • Theories of energy flow

  • Qi and acupuncture theory

 Yin Philosophy - Taoism & Zen

  • The Classics - DaoDe Jing & ZhuangZi

  • The deeper levels of practice based on DanTian theory and practice

Practice & Teaching

  • "Advanced" Yin practices

  • Yin Pranayama

  • Developing your practice

  • Fascial Release and Acupressure



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