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  • You ever wondered why many yoga poses come easy to some, but not to others?
  • You ever been frustrated by all the ridiculous social media master classes and posts on how to do big poses?
  • Have you ever wanted to educated yourself to break through all this but didn't know where to start?
  • Then come join me!

We are Different!

  • In this 3x20min video introduction (3 Videos delivered to you over 3 Days) to variable 
    anatomy, begin to understand that some yoga poses can be good for you.
  • And begin to see that some poses can be impossible.
  • Learn that some cues from teachers can be great, but others can be a disaster.
  • Not because a student is lazy or weird..
  • But because shapes of our bones are different.
  • Once you begin to see this, it changes your yoga forever.


Part 1

Principles & Pronation at the Forearm

Part 2

Elbow Extension & Shoulder Flexion.

Part 3

Lumbar Spine Extension & Ankle Flexion.

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