The HABIT 2 Month (40 class) Program

A behaviour that has been repeated enough times to be repeated more or less automatically.

You know how we always talk about home practice? Do you have one? I am asking as it’s often a lot of talk, a lot of wishing… planning and thinking and not much doing. 

I know, I’ve been there. But how did I get here? By building a habit. And you can do too. There are no secrets…. Now Yoga is just something I do.

So! Let's build you a practice habit boomerang for you. Each session each day, starting short, growing your yoga habit… Oh and you might feel some good too.

The aim of this program is to get you in the big bad habit too. Here's the plan:

WEEK 1: 2mins per day Monday to Friday
WEEK 2: 10mins per day Monday to Friday
WEEK 3: 15mins per day Monday to Friday
WEEK 4: 20mins per day Monday to Friday
WEEK 5: 30mins per day Monday to Friday
WEEK 6: 40mins per day Monday to Friday
WEEK 7: 50mins per day Monday to Friday
WEEK 8: 60mins per day Monday to Friday


What You Gotta Do?

Well, over the space of 2 months, I am going to post a class a day right here. We are going to grow practice from 2 minutes in week one, 5 times a week…to 1 hour 5 times a week by week eight. Steady as she goes...

This program includes daily journalling, a building momentum and the experience of a growing power and sense of self awareness as your body and mind change.

All you gotta do… is sign up & log in… any time of day! Your video will be waiting for you. And the cool thing is, you can start this program anywhere, any day, any month. But this is the way I'm doing it for 8 weeks:


If you miss one, don't stress, just get back on the bus and keep going. Don't ever miss 2…that's our deal.

You In?

Come join me and begin to build a big bad yoga habit. You know you want to.