hi. i'm Dhugal.

i'm a (fairly) well-known yoga teacher trainer, acupuncturist and functional movement specialist.

  • we are too often stressed out about how our yoga should look. postural yoga should not only be accepting of difference, it should celebrate it.
  • big poses are not necessarily advanced. if you can't do them (but you tried), it's not necessarily because you are not bendy enough. this is good anatomy (jaw drop).
  • we are often not sure how yogic philosophy applies to modern lives. this is a shame. modern people are often confused, stressed. yoga philosophy is not a 'counterbalance' to a stressful life, it is a fresh, exciting new perspective on how to live life... now.
  • I'll show you a 'functional' approach: each posture, each meditation has a function (which rarely involves looking cool), and is a deep opportunity to engage in the magic of the human experience.

each pose - unique to you, each meditation - a chance to realise you are part of it all.

and maybe.

maybe you'll even find a passion to teach others. like i do.


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the 500hr teacher training Program

four modules to grow:

200hr yin yoga & variable anatomy
dynamic yoga



heal yourself, lead your community

Our 500hr training program starts with you.

It provides a complete platform for those who are ready to teach, those who are already teaching, and those who want optimize body and mind, for themselves or others.

we are together

Our trainings are an eclectic, thoroughly-curated (and fun) mix of earnest practice and uber-relevant yoga philosophy. They are an experiential and educational deep dive into the power bomb that is yoga.

We’ve had nurses and gymnasts, hippies and grannies, Olympians and blind people. We all train together. What we learn and what we experience together is what unites us. And we all help each other.

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