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hi. i'm Dhugal.

i'm a yoga teacher trainer, acupuncturist and aficionado of the philosophy of still.

i offer the best yoga teacher training on the planet. because:

  • i am a yogi and acupuncturist who lives what i teach.
  • yoga is about one thing - health. i help you focus, fast.
  • i demystify, simplify and BIG UP the power of yoga philosophy - which is all about¬†seeing who you are in this¬†moment, not in the future, not tomorrow... but now. most of us have no idea how to do this.
  • i am great at training teachers... and having a load of¬†fun. and making yoga really powerful. i train you to know your body first, then understand that of others. if you don't know the body, you can't teach. i know the body better than some doctors, physiotherapists and surgeons. it is my job to know.

each yoga pose is unique to you, each meditation - a chance to realise your power.

and maybe.

maybe you'll even find a passion to teach others. like i do.


Come Learn More

the 500hr teacher training Program

four modules to grow:

200hr yin yoga & variable anatomy
dynamic yoga



heal yourself, lead your community

my 500hr training program starts with you.

it provides a complete platform for those who are ready to teach, those who are already teaching, and those who just want health -optimize your body and mind, for yourself... then others.

we are together

my trainings are an eclectic, thoroughly-curated (over 1,349 graduates) mix of earnest practice and uber-relevant yoga philosophy. they are an experiential and educational deep dive into the power bomb that is yoga.

i've had nurses and gymnasts, hippies and grannies, olympians and blind people.

we all train together. what we learn and what we experience together is what unites us.

and we all help each other.

want more detailed information?

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