the inner landscape (50hrs)

portugal, 11-18 march 2023


some of us have practiced a lot, some a little...

...but all yin teachers and practitioners talk about the importance of Qi & meditation, ideas and techniques.

but can we truly understand these concepts and their relevance to our lives today? in this course we will explore and discuss the most iconic interwoven mandala (or graphic picture) on these ideas and explore their relationship with meditation.

what you will learn & practice

the neijing tu (內經圖 - pronounced 'nay-jing-too') is at once a story, a map of qi flow in the body and a visual representation of the mediation experience. we will embrace all of these and weave its themes, its mythology through our asana, our meditation, our theory study.

the neijing tu is a  late  nineteenth century stele currently housed in baiyun guan (白雲觀 - white cloud monastery, beijing). it is one of the most well-known illustrations of the contemplative experience depicting qi flow as down the spine. the  spinal column is framed by three temples within the spine, each corresponding to the three passes (sanguan 三關) through which the adept endeavours to circulate qi. in addition, the three dantian (san dantian 三丹 田) can be seen: the lower one a ploughing ox (abdominal region), the middle the big dipper (heart region), and the upper one a sage in mountains (head region). there are other characters and stories in this fascinating mosaic. 

each day will include a morning yang asana practice and and afternoon yin asana practice.  these yin & yang practices relieve the bodily qi stagnation of sitting and enhance the mediation experience.

in our two meditation sessions we will systematically explore the stories, the magic and the learnings of the neijing tu. with patient repetition, each of us can become comfortable with peace, with still.


early bird prices (to september 15) - we are almost sold out so act now if you want to join - prices in euro

single lux one payment - sold out 
single lux pay plan - sold out

couple lux one payment -sold out 
couple lux pay plan - sold out

single ensuite one payment -  sold out
single ensuite pay plan - sold out

single shared fac. one payment -  €1650
single shared fac. pay plan - 7x €265

twin share one payment -  sold out
twin share pay plan -  sold out


who is this for

this program is meant for anybody who has been practicing yoga for at least one year and has done yin yoga before.

this event can be a 50hr module in our blackmat yogi 600hr tt program (meditate part 2 - recognized by yoga alliance), or it can be a yogic indulgence (you have the option to miss the morning lectures if you don't want a certificate), a simple time to practice spent with good people, portuguese vibes and good food.

daily schedule

11 march - arrival day

check in from 14.00

18.00 course & venue introduction

19.30 dinner


12 - 17 march

7.30 - 8.00 meditation

8.00 - 9.30 breakfast

9.30 - 12.30 lecture & asana practices

12.30 - 16.30 lunch and free time

16.30 - 19.00 asana and meditation

19.00 dinner


18 march - departure day

7.30 - 8.00 meditation

8.00 breakfast


check in and check out

on arrival day you can check in from 14.00 on, note that there is no food or lunch in the centre yet. check out is after breakfast on day 8.


  • include: six and half days of yoga, meditation, food and friendship
  • exclude: flight tickets and transfer from/to retreat center (but we can help with that)
early bird prices (to september 15) - we are almost sold out so act now if you want to join - prices in euro 

single ensuite one payment -  sold out
single ensuite pay plan - sold out

single shared fac. one payment -  €1650
single shared fac. pay plan - 7 x €265

twin share one payment -  sold out
twin share pay plan -  sold out


location - d'alijo retreats, northern portugal

d’alijo yoga retreat centre has a beautiful, fully equipped yoga studio overlooking the gardens and valley, a luxurious but cozy dining room, a beautiful pool, a large pond and much more.

the estate is remote, surrounded by nature. it has a couple of great hiking trails, which can lead you to rivers and waterfalls and natural pools. the closest town, cabeceiras de basto, is about 12 minutes by car. guimarães, a unesco listed beautiful city is just 25 minutes away. porto and braga are within one hour as well as an other unesco sites.

 come look here:

how to get there

there are no public transport options directly to the retreat centre. however, if you are not travelling by plane you can take a metro, bus or shuttle from porto city centre to porto airport and then join a shared transfer.

the nearest airport is PORTUGAL PORTO AIRPORT. transavia, easyJet, tap, vueling, klm, ryan air, all fly there.

transfer time to the d’alijo centre is 60 minutes by car from porto airport. transfers to and from the d’alijo centre are not included in the prices. we can arrange shared airport transfers to and from porto airport at about € 110 per car one way, maximum three persons. for bigger groups we can organise a bus.

a few weeks before the retreat we will ask you for your travel details and if you want to share travel to the centre. we will group you together so you can share costs. alternatively you can find cheap car rental options.

got a question?

just ask