vinyasa yoga (100hrs)

classic flows to qiga 




in english with italian translation.

milan, nov 2023 - jan 2024


graduates tell us that our 300hr teacher training, is the very best product of its kind. this is because we do not produce cookie-cutter yoga instructors. we challenge and educate you to better know yourself as a teacher and grow your capacity from your ability to make sound decisions based on your needs and, more importantly, the needs of your students.

this training will challenge you to investigate the why of how you teach, and ask questions that may not have occurred to you to consider, so that you can truly deliver your own lessons and curriculum with clarity, authority and confidence. we have intentionally put the highest standards in place and have received the highest praise from our students (via Yoga Alliance’s mandatory rating system). our students graduate with an uncomparable breadth of teaching knowledge and skills. 

our program consists of two 50 hour modules (see breakdown of topics in the curriculum section below). each module has “bonus” video classes & optional assignments for you to complete on your own time, if you wish. resources & materials include our 100hr functional vinyasa manual.

this program is open to all. if you would like a 300hr certificate, you should already have a 200hr one. if you are not sure, get in touch.


this yoga teacher training will count as 100 ‘in-person/contact’ hours towards your 500-hour yoga certification. these hours will be recognised by Yoga Alliance. 

  • teaching methodology (vinyasa, yin-yang flow & 'qiga')
  • dynamic 'variable' anatomy, the science of skeletal variation
  • sequencing for every level
  • sequencing for a mature practice
  • yoga for injured yogis
  • creative sequencing
  • the politics and science of adjustments
  • tantra x tao: the philosophy of flow
  • ethics
  • leadership & facilitation
  • pranayama, mantra &
  • meditation

100hrs curriculum


curriculum: the art and science of breath & vinyasa yoga

we have deconstructed postural yoga through our investigation of variable anatomy in our yin yoga program.

now we build it back up again.

what cues do you give when we are all so different. what does a functional vinyasa practice look and feel like? how do we celebrate when we are all so different?

sequencing can be challenging. sequencing without cookie-cutter alignment and to a theme can be even more challenging. in this module, we will examine how to properly teach without alignment of postures, and how to best set up your class sequence geared towards a peak posture or a philosophical idea. 

what is vinyasa…really? with many broad definitions out there, we will look at modern vinyasa in its current form and identify elements of vinyasa together to better understand this style. progressions and regressions of asanas will be evaluated to accommodate the most common class - the mixed-level class.

through an intensely practical final 100hrs, prepare to go back out into the world and teach. 


applied anatomy

  • applying variable anatomy to standing yoga poses
  • asana: comparative analysis 


  • how do you cue when everyone is different
  • the active voice - doing
  • the passive voice - feeling

sequencing and yoga science

  • context: the history of vinyasa yoga
  • classical vinyasa, yin-yang flows & 'qiga'
  • sequencing without alignment
  • focus pose and peak pose class planning
  • sequencing for every level of yogi
  • sequencing to your objectives and learning outcomes
  • sequencing with regressions & progressions
  • transitions
  • keys to teaching an effective vinyasa flow class
  • intelligent use of props

 the breath

  • functional pranayama - science, not dogma
  • breathing to destress
  • breathing to energize and increase enegy
  • deep breathing - pre and post workout
  • breathing for meditation
  • how to create your own breathing techniques

philosophy - tantra in the ramayana & in the tao

  • overview - what is tantra
  • the ramayana x the tao as a paradigm for the human experience



vinyasa 100hrs 

the 200hr tt graduate OR vinyasa specialist

payment plan
full payment

not just anatomy

learn and become a community leader in the anatomy of natural skeletal variation. understand why we cannot do poses the same.

join our community!

you are not alone. join your fellow students and graduates and other yoga nerds in our community space. feel safe, learn more!

philosophy of balance

begin to live and practice the way of living. less effort, less thinking; see how this has been for millenia.

apply this training towards a 500-hour certification

this training counts towards your yoga alliance 300hr certificate hours with us as well as continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance. You do not need to be enrolled in our 500-hour program to participate. If you are interested to continue training with us to receive an advanced training certification with us, then you have the option to apply to our 500-hour program and this yoga teacher training’s hours will automatically apply towards your 500-hour certification process. 

  • 200 RYT (minimum) with dhugal
  • 200 RYT through a comparable school 
  • willingness to participate in a group process
  • ablility to give and receive feedback skillfully
  • dedication, motivation and self directed studentship

our training takes places at the beautiful inner revolution studio, milan.

see their website here.


vinyasa 100hrs 

the 200hr tt graduate OR vinyasa specialist

payment plan
full payment


vinyasa 100hrs 

the 200hr tt graduate OR vinyasa specialist

payment plan
full payment

what our students say

don't just listen to us... listen to the students who have studied with us... this program was created to provide the highest quality yoga education.


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