Embracing the Physicality of Yin Movement: A Deeper Understanding

yin yoga Jan 26, 2024

Embracing the Physicality of Yin Movement: A Deeper Understanding


I specialise in an underrated realm of exercise movement.. And everyone I work with out-performs their peers... feels better in their body.

In their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.

In a fitness culture dominated by high-intensity workouts, running and gyms, with my clients I delve into the profound benefits of Yin movement for our physical well-being, especially crucial considering that poor mobility is becoming a significant concern globally.

Recent studies indicate that up to 65% of adults in urban environments experience some form of mobility restriction due to lifestyle and work habits.

Is that you?

The Essence of Yin in Movement

Yin movement focuses on the plastic (what I call Yin) tissues of the body, such as bones, connective tissues, and joints.

Unlike Yang exercise, which target elastic muscles (including your heart) through rhythm and repetition, Yin exercises involve long-held positions that apply moderate, sustained traction to ignored, deeper tissues. You might not have worked with these for years.

Why Focus on Yin Tissues?

Our body’s Yin tissues play a crucial role in our structural health. Modern exercise regimens often overlook these components, focusing predominantly on strength development.

Bad back, get stronger.

Bad knees, make them stronger.

Bad hip? You get the idea....

However, you'll notice all the issues above are joint health, so improving flexibility, and fostering a deeper sense of bodily awareness is the key — a need underscored by the increasing rates of mobility issues in the modern population I mentioned above.

If you don't believe me, just look around.... even the fittest people you know struggle with mobility as they age. Fit... but stiff!

The Approach to Yin Movement

Yin exercises, such as Yin Yoga, involve gently stressing and stimulating Yin tissues through practices where poses are held for extended periods. This approach allows a gentle yet profound impact on areas totally neglected in standard workouts, leading to improved joint health and flexibility... even performance.

Misconceptions Around Soft Exercise: It is for losers.

While Yin movement is less dynamic than its Yang counterpart, it is by no means less significant. Holding a Yin Yoga pose might seem passive, but it requires deep engagement with the body's structural fascia which holds us together.

Holds you together...

Or doesn't!

The essence of Yin movement lies in its slowness and steadiness. This slow and sustained approach allows for a remodelling of our Yin tissues. You can literally fix bad knees, shoulders and hips, rejuvenate sore necks, toes and backs...

Incorporating Yin for a Balanced Workout

Incorporating Yin movement into our exercise routine offers a holistic approach to physical health. It reminds us of the importance of balance in our approach to fitness and well-being. If you are missing your Yin, you are missing out.

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