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It's more important than ever to find moments of peace and understanding.

Today, we dive into a profound topic central to yoga and Eastern philosophies: Freedom, or Liberation.

The Concept of Freedom in Yoga Freedom is often discussed in yogic texts, Buddhism, and Daoism. But here, I delve into Chapter 21 of the Dao De Jing.

Chapter 21 is challenging to translate due to its focus on mystery, speaks to the enigmatic nature of the Dao and its inherent wisdom. The chapter emphasises the experiential aspect of Eastern philosophy, very different to the intellectual understanding of Western thought. Don't think - feel.

Eastern thought emphasizes the experience of being at one with everything, feeling an inextricable link to the environment and the universe - not thinking about it.

The Circle of Zen and Unlimited Possibilities

The circle, a symbol often used in Zen Buddhism, represents this connection and freedom. A circle signifies the potential of experiencing everything as an extension of oneself, not something that you (as a separate entity) are connected to.

Embracing the Flow of Life Freedom in yoga is about embracing life as it comes, without labels or judgments or rationalisation. It’s about understanding that good, bad, joy, and sorrow are all part of the same circle of existence - and through feeling this, you are free.

The true essence of yoga and Eastern philosophies is to move with life's flow, embracing every moment with equanimity and openness.

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