I am Dhugal, a yoga specialist in celebrating who you are through yoga.


Yoga is about doing your yoga your way. It’s about being so comfortable being you in a world which is confusing and often lonely.

Much of the yoga world is not a celebration of who you are. It is a beauty show.

It drives me nuts.

What I believe

Good health and a quiet mind are universal needs that we all share.

I have done lots of yoga and studied anatomy rigorously. I found that this body cannot (and never will be able to) do every “yoga pose in the book,” no matter how hard I practice. 

Through practice and study (and ignoring instagram), I learned that my body’s limitations were irrelevant because yoga isn’t about doing poses the the way they are often taught. I also learned that people with bodies that can do everything are not necessarily great leaders. Yoga is about learning to yoga your way and guide others to do the same.

Yoga is about practicing with passion so that you can see what you’re capable of. And letting go of so much we hold on to. I share these ideas with every student who attends my trainings.

Here's a little about me.

  • I have spent most of my life in Asia and speak (and write) Mandarin & Cantonese.

  • I am a lifelong student of Eastern philosophy and movement practices, particularly Taoism, Zen Buddhism and Yang Family Tai Chi.

  • I love modern science. We can thrive with (some) modernity & (some) old wisdom.

Why do I teach? Quite simply because I love it. I have learnt so much and got so much joy out of yoga I want to spread the good.

For everyone - not just the beautiful/young/bendy people. But them too.

I believe Yoga is massively healing in a society which sometimes cannot heal a headache. Yoga (done well) has a massively important role to play in happy people, health communities.

With my red hair, signature yellow glasses, and off the cuff cultural references, I am not really your run of the mill yoga teacher. Think: wasabi (spicy Nippon dip) meets haggis (quirky Scottish food)… pop culture meets ancient philosophy and (work you hard) strict meets (big hug) compassion.

I invite you to Get Curious.

Since 2011, I have helped more than one thousand people around the world find home through the physical practices of modern Yin and Hatha Yoga, as well as ancient Eastern philosophy.

I offer a full 500-hour Yoga Alliance training program, broken down into five signature models: part Yin, part Yang, all real life application. 

Lastly - I help people find health with acupuncture. It is an old way of healing. And it works. Yes, it does.