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This online subscription program brings you new live soothing Yin and energising Yang practices every week and a huge database of recorded Yin & Yang yoga practices... :


If Dhugal is currently teaching a training or workshop, come join our live morning practices live with others. If Dhugal is not running a course, come join his live classes and workshops taught from home... live in our growing community of Yin-Yang yogis!


And if you cannot make it live, or want to practice, right now, there is a massive library of both Yin & Yang yoga practices for all levels. Whenever it is, come choose one of our over 100 online classes... just click and practice.

Over 100 Classes

- Receive a full 50hrs of YA Accreditation either as part of our 300hr program, or as a part of your continuing education credits.

Group Energy

We have our own private chat forum where we can support, share and learn together. We have challenges, books of the month and lots of discussion going on. This adds a wonderful group dynamic that makes practice much more fun. We are together.

On Demand & LIve Access

 Remember; if you cannot join live one week or at all, don't stress. All practices are on-demand and can be accessed at your own pace on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


Lock Yin 5 Day Retreats

In addition to live & recorded classes, and after the great success of our 2020 COVID "LOCK-YIN" retreats, we will be together again regularly throughout 2021. Just join the subscription... and you get this free!


Next Lock-Yin Monday 17 - Friday 21 May, 2021

0700-0930 UK Time (or practice recorded):


Monday: Double Back

Tuesday: Double Forward

Wednesday: Twist

Thursday: Breathe

Friday: Advanced Yin

Typical Weekly Online Schedule

Wednesdays 12pm UK Time:

Slow & Strong Levels 1 & 2 - 60mins


This is a mixed-level Hatha Yoga class where we hold poses. Slow does not equal not easy. This approach builds strength, confidence and skill in yoga poses.

Expect to build strength, to smile, to feel rejuvenated afterwards!

Don't expect to be bored.



Saturdays 9am UK time

Yin Yoga


Get your weekend off on the Yinside! Yin Yoga is a non-muscular, meditative practice where we typically hold poses for 5 minutes or more. Yin focuses on your deep fascial systems (called Channels in Chinese Medicine) and is thoroughly nourishing for your heart, your mind.

Expect: A deep physical and possibly emotional ease and sense of nurture to grow inside

Don't Expect: it to necessarily be easy, still can be challenging (but you'll feel amazing at the end).

Sign Me Up - Monthly Plan
Sign Me Up - Annual Payment

How it Works

  • Easy log-in, all subscription classes in this one place
  •  Practice Live: You will be emailed live class Zoom links one day before class.
  • 8 or more live classes added each month
  • All classes recorded and uploaded 24hrs after live class
  • Yin Classes
  • Yang Classes
  • Meditation
  • An over 100 online class library, and growing
  • Practice when you want, where you want
  • Cancel any time - no commitment
Sign Me Up - Monthly Plan
Sign me Up - Annual Payment