heal yourself first

Come to my program with an open heart and more open mind. Prepare to be challenged and have your assumptions challenged and your heart inspired.

Our four modules build to a potential 500 hours, the highest Yoga Alliance qualification. According to Yoga Alliance requirements, you need 200 hours to begin to teach—but that’s just the start. Yoga is a massively rich subject matter. We want you to know and want you to live more.

 yin yoga & variable anatomy

dynamic yoga



where do I start?

It all begins with the Yin & Anatomy modules. Whether you practice Yin or Vinyasa Yoga, these modules present the WHY we practice and the HOW.

Otherwise we get lost in the woods for the trees.

Fundamental knowledge of the unique anatomy of each practitioner is my speciality. EVEN if you think you already know anatomy, you don't know unique anatomy - this is 'bio difference' - and explains why someone can do a handstand but another cannot, why lotus pose is easy for someone but impossible for others. If you don't know this, you will just follow alignment dogma which plagues the yoga world.

Every Yoga practitioner should know this basic stuff.

Completing modules will prepare you as a 200-hour and/or 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher under the Yoga Alliance system.

fast. slow. you decide.

Building gradually and fitting in your busy schedule, start with a qualification of just 100 to 200 hours… or study intensively. It’s up to you! Grow as much as you like. Our flexible, continually rolling curriculum provides time and space for big learning and growth. We work in small group sizes and which offer a supportive community of peers.

how do I afford this?

I am keenly aware that so much study can become a financial burden to teachers and serious yogis, and so continuously endeavours to keep my fees reasonable (and payment methods flexible). This however, does not compromise quality… Ever.

I myself have thousands of hours of training, and continues to study with my teachers on a regular basis.

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