yin. yang. balance.

Our four modules build to a potential 600 hours, a full 100hrs over the highest Yoga Alliance qualification. According to Yoga Alliance requirements, you need 200 hours to begin to teach—but that’s just the start. Yoga is a massively rich subject matter. We want you to know and want you to live more.

Wherever you choose to start, each module is content rich. We encourage the repetition of modules so you deepen your understanding and knowledge, as well as increase your ability to apply what you learn.

 yin yoga & variable anatomy

hatha yoga



fast. slow. you decide.

Building gradually and fitting in your busy schedule, start with a qualification of just 100 to 200 hours… or study intensively. It’s up to you! Grow as much as you like. Our flexible, continually rolling curriculum provides time and space for big learning and growth. We work in small group sizes and which offer a supportive community of peers.

where do I start?

You may start by doing either the hatha (Yang) or Yin modules. If you like to sweat, choose the Dynamic Yang track. If you are a navel gazer, choose Yin. But we tell you, many end up adoring the one they used to hate.

Completing modules will prepare you as a 200-hour and/or 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher under the Yoga Alliance system.

how do I afford this?

Dhugal is keenly aware that so much study can become a financial burden to teachers and serious yogis, and so continuously endeavours to keep his fees reasonable (and payment methods flexible). This however, does not compromise quality… Ever.

Dhugal himself has thousands of hours of training, and continues to study with his teachers on a regular basis.

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