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Yin Yoga & Variable Anatomy (200hrs)

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Why this Program?

  • You wanna be a Yin teacher: Great! In this training, you will learn everything you need to teach your first Yin class by the time you finish. 

  • You love yoga and want to go deeper. Right On! This training is unique. It’s not run of the mill anatomy here. This is a deep dive into why we are all different… and so our yoga (or any movement discipline) has to be too. With the combined training, reading and discussion and interactive opportunities to learn, you'll be amazed at the complexity of anatomy study.

  • You wanna add teaching Yin to your personal training/fitness background. Fantastic! You already teach pilates or cross fit and you want to offer more to your clients. Good news, everything you learn in this course will add huge value to other modalities you already offer to enrich the suite of skills to boost your business and clientele.

This Yin Yoga course is open to all.


First 100hrs Curriculum


Bones Anatomy (Lower Body) & Yin Yoga 

Whether or not you intend to teach Yin Yoga, the Yin program offers in-depth bones anatomy which is extremely relevant to any yoga teacher, no matter your chosen style. This module is all about bone shapes, or what we call variable anatomy. We all have the same bones (almost!) in our bodies, but we all have very different bone shapes...just look around you. This course trains your eye.

We believe that in order to teach or practice yoga (or any physical movement discipline) optimally, we must at least appreciate, and even master this understanding. This knowledge is fundamental to a Yin practice where poses are held for a longer period of time. We begin here with the legs and hips.


FIRST 50hrs

Anatomy (stuff you really need to know to be a good teacher)

  • 14 joint segment concept
  • Tension and Compression 
  • Functional Practice vs Aesthetic Practice
  • Movement test analysis - internal & external rotation at the hip
  • Skeletal Variation
  • 4 myofascial compartments of the thigh

Yin Theory & Practice

  • Yin and Yang Theory
  • The Theory of exercise
  • Yin Yoga Theory - what makes Yin Yoga unique (e.g. it is not restorative yoga)


SECOND 50hrs

Anatomy (stuff you really need to know to be a good teacher)

  • Movement test analysis - the spine
  • Body Proportion & Orientation
  • Skeletal Variation in the lumbar spine
  • 6 myofascial compartments of the torso
  • The layers of a joint
  • The Science of Fascia: Stretch vs. Stress

Yin Theory & Practice

  • Taoist Philosophy Primer - The Taoist World View
  • A History of Yin Yoga
  • Basic to Advanced Yin Poses
  • Modifications and safety in Yin Yoga
  • Yin Yoga Sequencing Theory
  • Assisted Fascial Release



What Students Say: “I think the most notable feature of your teaching style is your incredible attention to inclusiveness. The way you describe how tiny movements or sensations can be made for any body to improve poses is really rewarding when you can feel the difference! My yoga practice is changed forever."


Modules 3&4 Curriculum


Curriculum: Bones Anatomy (Upper Body) & Fascia & Taoist Philosophy

We complete our study of variable anatomy and turn to the study of fascia, body science's new frontier. We draw on the expertise of both Chinese medicine (which has become a leader in fascia) and modern science. The health of this tissue is the gateway to fine-tuning and mastering our physical, emotional, and logical health.

Throughout this time, we will investigate classical Taoist philosophy which, for thousands of years, gives ancient context to the practice of modern Yin. Having lived in Asia most of his life, Dhugal is uniquely equipped to guide study. Taoism's often humorous insights provide a Zen-like backdrop to consider and reflect upon the pressures of life today.

We intentionally practice a variety of Yin yoga modalities, as we believe there is no one right way to practice Yin (or Yoga). The aim in studying a wide variety of knowledge and application is to allow students to find styles and methodologies of teaching and practice to suit different students, their unique aims, and even times of year that are as distinct and special as each individual, leaving our teachers confident with such a broad education upon graduation.


THIRD 50hrs


  • Variable Anatomy in the Upper Body
  • The Shoulder

Yoga Pose Analysis

  • Functional Practice vs Aesthetic Practice for poses in the shoulder and arm
  • Movement test analysis

 Yin Theory - The Fascial Channels

  • Western and Chinese models of the energy channels in the body
  • The Dantians (chakras)
  • Theories of energy flow
  • Qi theory

 Yin Philosophy - Taoism & Zen

  • The Classics - The DaoDe Jing (Sutra of Dao & De)
  • Dao
  • Deeper motivations for practice based on Taoist theory and practice


FOURTH 50hrs


  • Variable Anatomy in shoulder and arms
  • The Neck

Upper Body Yoga Pose Analysis

  • Functional Practice vs Aesthetic Practice for neck & shoulder
  • Movement test analysis

 Yin Theory - The Fascial Channels

  • Qi Flow in the spine
  • Qi Flow in the brain

 Yin Philosophy - Taoism & Zen

  • The Classics - The DaoDe Jing (Sutra of Dao & De)
  • De
  • Deeper motivations for practice based on Taoist theory and practice

Practice & Teaching

  • "Advanced" Yin practices
  • Breathing and Yoga
  • Developing your practice
  • Assisted Yin techniques

Not Just Anatomy

Learn and become a community leader in the anatomy of natural skeletal variation. Understand why we cannot do poses the same.

Join our Community!

You are not alone. Join your fellow students and graduates and other yoga nerds in our community space. Feel safe, learn more!

Philosophy of Balance

Begin to live and practice the way of living. Less effort, less thinking; see how this has been for millenia.

Big Benefit to Online Learning

Big Benefits - Online Learning


Take from Anywhere in the world. 
Rome, Paris, Hong Kong, Oman... we can get together!


- Take Live. Then deepen your Learning with Recorded Content. This course is super content rich! Multiple passes makes a massive difference...

Or take recorded. If you can't make it live, take the program when you can,
as you can.

- One Year Access to Curriculum. Don't remember stuff? Need clarification? It's right here, any time.


Increased Personal Teacher Interaction & Exchange. A max of 30 students per course. We're literally staring each other in the face. It is close, it is intimate, it is powerful.


- Full YA Accreditation

Sign Me Up - SUPER EARLY BIRD Payment Plan
Sign Me Up - SUPER EARLY BIRD Full Payment



If you are reading this now, this is your moment to create a HUGE positive transformation in the lives of others—and for you! 

You may seize it today, or not. The choice is 100% yours. But know that I've persisted, percolated, alchemised and applied all the teachings I'll be sharing with you in the program in my OWN Yoga practice and teaching.


So I know they work.

For me. 

For others.


And I'm SO READY to share them with you.


Standard investment for this program is £2,300. But you can save a lot if you commit early!

Payment is made through either a payment plan or full, up-front payment, you choose. 



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IN THIS PROGRAM, you receive:

200hrs of face to face training plus homework and assignments.

One Year Access to all the recordings of the training

Training Manual

All presentation slides.

A course Reading List (to inspire)

FREE Access to our Online Yin-Yang Studio for. the duration of the program (worth £200)

A group of people from around the world who will support you...

 It's an amazing deal!

Lastly, when you join our 200hr Yin Yoga Program, you get to be a part of something so nice: you get to be fully yourself, in a safe, supportive environment of Yoga teachers (and teachers to be) where your unique body and gifts and voice are honored and celebrated. 

Sign Me Up - SUPER EARLY BIRD Payment Plan
Sign Me Up - SUPER EARLY BIRD Full Payment

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