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200hr teacher training

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led by dhugal (that's me), this 200-hour online training will begin with your first student, yourself. the focus of this 200hr yoga teacher training is to provide students with a sound knowledge of anatomy, teaching and practice. this foundation will serve as a powerful base from which to teach and guide your students through a practice that educates, inspires and heals.

i am honored to host students who join us from all around the globe and embraces each student’s unique strengths and insights to unlock each teacher’s individual potential and unique voice. the training is appropriate for the serious student who would like to start teaching yoga, as well as the student who would like to deepen their own knowledge and personal practice.

a regular personal practice is the most important foundation to being a great teacher and therefore we require a minimum of at least one year of regular practice as a requirement to attend. at the end of the program, you will come away with a strong foundation in the technical, inspirational and business side of yoga to create an exceptional yoga teacher and prepare you to begin teaching right away.

we’ll dissect active (yang) stretching modalities and their use and implications for health of body and mind. we will practice and analyse the 7 archetypes of yoga poses (asana) and look at how to apply these to the range of individuals who will come to your practice. this course will arm you with the key components for working with the broad range of those who enter the yoga space; athletes, older people, beginners and regulars... and learn how we can enhance their bodies and minds in a modern, stressed world.

this training is being offered in an online format for you to do it all live with us or complete at your own pace, all from the convenience of your home. this program is open to all. 

who this is for:

  • those who want to be a teacher (no matter who you are): great! in this training, you will learn everything you need to teach your first class by the time you finish. 

  • those who love yoga and want to go deeper. right on! you're covered here too. with the combined training, reading and discussion and interactive opportunities to learn, you'll be amazed at the depth of the yoga tradition.

  • those who want to add yoga magic to your personal training/fitness/sport expertise. fantastic! you already teach pilates or cross fit and you want to offer more to your clients. good news, everything you learn in this course will add huge value to other modalities you already offer to enrich the suite of skills to boost your business and clientele.

surprise yourself, empower your students



this training has four sections – each section is composed of live (or recorded) lectures, asana practices and homework to integrate the information.

we created this online training so you can do it live with me, or to be flexible with your schedule so you can complete it at your own pace. training hours will be available as we complete them. to receive your certificate, you must complete all hours 365 days from the start date. you’ll have unlimited access to all training handouts even after completion. most of all, i am committed to bringing you the highest quality of education to your door.

this yoga teacher training will count as 200 ‘in-person/contact’ hours towards your 500-hour yoga certification. these hours will be recognised by Yoga Alliance.



what students say: “i think the most notable feature of your teaching style is your incredible attention to inclusiveness. the way you describe how tiny movements or sensations can be made for any body to improve poses is really rewarding when you can feel the difference! my yoga practice is changed forever."
















asana (yoga poses)

  • in-depth study for over 20 asana (poses). find out how to adapt archetypes to different bodies.

  • learn safe cueing for beginners, key modifications for all standard poses

  • become confident in leading your students while practising

  • key understanding of muscle engagement & active stretching vs. passive stresses

  • teaching language for effective teaching of asana

  • benefits of each asana

  • adjustments - verbal, not physical



  • historical yoga lineages - gain an understanding from the first schools of yoga all the way up to the modern era

  • tantra and modern yoga

  • classical yoga sutras of Patañjali

  • The bhagavad gita


yogic practices

  • esoteric Anatomy (the anatomical system of conscious energy within the body)

  • meditation


teaching methodology

  • realising your key motivations for teaching

  • establishing your teaching voice

  • intro & closing for professional classes

  • the art of good demonstrations

  • ethics of a teacher

  • confident and welcoming body language

  • the science of sequencing 

big benefits to online learning

big benefits - online learning


- take from anywhere in the world. rome, new york, bangkok, oman... we can practice and learn together.

 - take live. then deepen your learning with recorded content. this course is super content-rich! multiple passes make a massive difference...

- or take recorded. if you can't make it live, take the program when you can,
as you can.

- one year access to curriculum. don't remember stuff? need clarification? it's right here, any time.

 - increased personal teacher interaction & exchange. a max of 30 students per course. we're literally staring each other in the face. It is close, it is intimate, it is powerful.

- learn to teach online - the world is changing and teaching online is a new skill we all need.

apply this training towards a 500-hour certification

if you are enrolled in the blackmat yogi school's 500-hour certification program, then this training counts towards your training hours with us as well as continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance. you do not need to be enrolled in our 500-hour program to participate. if you are interested to continue training with us to receive an advanced training certification with us, then you have the option to apply to our 500-hour program and this yoga teacher training’s hours will automatically apply towards your 500-hour certification process. if you would like to learn more about our 500-hour certification program click here.

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not just poses

through our 500hr program, learn and become a community leader in the anatomy of natural skeletal variation. understand why we cannot do poses the same, but how we all can do yoga.

join our community!

you are not alone. join your fellow students and graduates and other yoga nerds in our community space. feel safe, learn more!

learn to sit

as well as move, become comfortable with still. we begin each practice with meditation.

sign me up - payment plan
sign me up - full payment

if you are reading this now, this is your moment to create a HUGE positive transformation in the lives of others—and for you! 

you may seize it today, or not. the choice is 100% yours. but know that I've persisted, percolated, alchemised and applied all the teachings i'll be sharing with you in the program in my OWN yoga practice and teaching.

i know they work. for me. for others. and i'm so ready to share them with you.

standard investment for this program is £2,600. but you can save a lot if you commit early.

payment is made through either a payment plan or full, up-front payment, you choose. 

standard  pricing (from january 1)
£2,400 (full up-front payment) or, £2,600 in 10, monthly payments of £260. 

in this program, you receive:

  • 200hrs of face-to-face training plus homework and assignments.
  • one year access to all the recordings of the training
  • training manual
  • all presentation slides.
  • a course reading list (to inspire)
  • a group of people from around the world who will support you... 

it's an amazing deal!

lastly, when you join our 200hr yoga program, you get to be a part of something so nice: you get to be fully yourself, in a safe, supportive environment of yoga teachers (and teachers to be) where your unique body and gifts and voice are honored and celebrated.  

what our online students are saying

don't just listen to me... listen to all the students who have been with us over the last year online... and a few (in italian!).



terms & conditions

  • course reservations are subject to availability on a “first come first served” basis.
  • all fees are non-refundable. they may be transferable in exceptional circumstances.
  • failure to pay fees may result in your removal from the course.
  • dhugal meachem yoga is not liable for any illnesses, delays or costs resulting from your failure to meet these requirements.